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"The Tiny Five"

This is what "rescue" is all about........

(with thanks to Jodi Greenleaf)


Snoopy came in to rescue because the landlord stopped in to his "NO Pets" apartment building to find this boy, even though they never let him outside so he wouldn't be noticed! So you can imagine what the carpeting and floors looked and smelled like....common sense is a wonderful thing to have...in Snoopy's case, not so much going on! This boy is 8 years old and weighed in at 28.5 pounds. He goes out now and goes for great walks. He is down to 25 pounds and continuing on! We are taking him to an eye specialist in Norwalk, Dr. Neaderland, in the hopes we can have some vision restored to this very sweet and gentle Cockapoo. Stay tuned!


Charlotte, approximately 6 years of age and weighing in at 10 pounds is a Maltese. Found as a heavily matted stray in a tough inner city neighborhood she was brought to animal control. Once shaved it was noticed that she had severe skin issues and we were called to help. Charlotte is a darling little sweetie who is being treated for Ring Worm and Staph infection. Charlotte will be treating for a while, check back in a week or so. She is starting to feel better!


Goldilocks was given up because she and her brother were causing stress in the family. Two large Poodle/Golden mixes with few manners would cause stress. Separated, these dogs are doing very well. Goldilocks's brother was adopted, which leaves Goldi looking for a new home. It will be a special home as Goldi has been newly diagnosed with Addison's Disease. She is under control and you would never know it but it will require her new family or vet to give a monthly injection of Percorten to keep her healthy. Goldi has lost some weight.  She is 80 pounds, 8 years old and will come with a six month supply of Percorten.


This is Charlie! New to rescue, he was a stray that was hit by a car in the middle of the night. Animal Control was called to pick him up and deliver him to the hospital. Charlie has recovered and seems very sweet. He weighs 12 pounds and we believe him to be 7-9 years of age. What we love about this happy little guy is that he is a smiler!!!
Rescue donation $300.


A kindly Poodle lover sent me a link to T J, an 8 year old mini boy on the URGENT list at the MACC in NY. I looked at his face and thought of the 28 from Brooklyn that we took in. They could be related. He was surrendered because of an eye injury. Stay tuned, this sweet boy got another chance at more life.

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he following dogs need homes but are not PRCT dogs. Use the contact information provided on each listing to inquire about them.

Jersey Girl

This s is a very special little dog. Jersey Girl was abandoned in a field with her 3 siblings, and because of her nurturing personality, she was the caretaker of all. For a little Toy Fox Terrier mix, weighing only 9-10 pounds, this was quite a job. After quite a while on their own, this little family was rescued and now it is Jersey Girl's turn to be cared for and loved. She is a affectionate, gentle, and after all that has happened to her - loves people. She has a wonderful little spirit. Jersey Girl is as close to perfect as they come. I am looking for a special person for this very special dog......to meet her is to fall in love with her! She is spayed and fully vetted.

If you might be interested in opening your home and heart to this little dog, please contact roxanne-h21@verizon.net