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Logan Sheri

Logan Sheri is a newly turned 8 year old apricot mini female who weighs 17 pounds. Her parents recently went into an assisted living facility and we were called to help. Logan Sheri is the sweetest and most loving little girl with no issues. We have not heard her bark as yet! Please open your heart and home to this little Princess!
Rescue donation $300.


My name is Porter and I am a 2-3 year old, 20 pound white mini boy who was found as a stray in a tough neighborhood. Brought to the local animal shelter, we were called because Porter was not happy there. Too noisy and not what he wanted which was a friend. Now in foster care after a dental, neuter and great care he is ready for a family. Porter is a gentleman with his house manners. He does well with other dogs but cats are just too interesting to him, they run and he loves to chase! He is a cuddler and loves to kiss but his real fun trick is he loves to sit up for treats! He will sit beautifully for long periods of time! Please consider this character if you want a companion to keep you company in whatever you want to do!
Rescue donation $300.


A kindly Poodle lover sent me a link to T J, an 8 year old mini boy on the URGENT list at the MACC in NY. I looked at his face and thought of the 28 from Brooklyn that we took in. They could be related. He was surrendered because of an eye injury. Stay tuned, this sweet boy got another chance at more life.

Gibbs Needs Your Help!

Gibbs is an eight pound 7 year old cream toy Poodle looking for a home where his new family is home a better part of the day. Long work days and a family member caring for an ill relative after work left Gibbs home alone and lonely.

Gibbs just came back from a Cardiac Ultrasound Seminar to which we were very lucky to be invited! Little Gibbs was the hit of the seminar but now he has some treatment to go through. We didn't see the worms or microfilaria in blood tests at the vet hospital, but the ultrasound showed he is loaded with them.  Gibbs will have to undergo heartworm treatment  expected to cost several thousand dollars!

We are looking for some financial support to go along with the much needed prayers and well wishes for this darling little guy.

If you can help Gibbs, please go to our donations page

Thank you.

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he following dogs need homes but are not PRCT dogs. Use the contact information provided on each listing to inquire about them.


Hello, my name is Dixie. I am an eleven year old small/medium size brown poodle. I am an absolute love and am looking for a companion with whom to spend my life. My one and only mom passed away over a year ago and I have been living with her family, which includes two young boys and a Lab. I am good with kids, but not overly keen on their rambunctiousness. However, I do like to play ball with them and will run around with my Lab friend. I am playful and energetic and love hikes and swimming. I like to run errands and to be included in day to day activities, but I am also content to curl up beside my owner and read a good book. I am horse and cat friendly. I need a forever home where I am loved and cherished.

If you are interested in finding out more about Dixie, please contact Christina Stanton at (917) 671 7728 or christina.stanton@gmail.com

Jersey Girl

This s is a very special little dog. Jersey Girl was abandoned in a field with her 3 siblings, and because of her nurturing personality, she was the caretaker of all. For a little Toy Fox Terrier mix, weighing only 9-10 pounds, this was quite a job. After quite a while on their own, this little family was rescued and now it is Jersey Girl's turn to be cared for and loved. She is a affectionate, gentle, and after all that has happened to her - loves people. She has a wonderful little spirit. Jersey Girl is as close to perfect as they come. I am looking for a special person for this very special dog......to meet her is to fall in love with her! She is spayed and fully vetted.

If you might be interested in opening your home and heart to this little dog, please contact roxanne-h21@verizon.net


Jake, an 8 year old West Highland Terrier mix needs a home! The landlord says no dog so Jake has to go. Jake weighs 15 pounds, is a cuddle bug and would love someone to sit with.

Please call Sharon at 203-695-2762.  Email: S.H.Mailhot@gmail.com


This cool little dude is Mauri (after he got his dinosaur hairdo). Mauri has been a work in progress for a group of people who have been trying to get him to a place where he can live successfully with the right person(s). Mauri was originally purchased from a pet store by a woman who did not have the knowledge or the skills to handle this little spitfire at that time in her life. She brought him to a trainer and the trainer did not believe that the owner was going to be able to give Mauri what he needed for his lifetime and suggested that she surrender him to the Duxbury (MA) Animal Shelter. The good people at the shelter worked with him for several months and found him a wonderful home with a woman and her dog on the Cape. Unfortunately, Mauri proved to be too much for her, as well, and she returned him to the Duxbury Animal Shelter. The Duxbury Animal Shelter then asked an excellent trainer if he would put him in to boot camp at his facility and it now appears that Mauri can move on to his wonderful new life. Mauri gets along great with other dogs as long as the dogs he is with are able to "give it back." Mauri is very dominant and pushy and any dog(s) he lives with must be able to let him know when enough is enough. He currently runs with a pack of 15 dogs at the trainer's facility and does very well with them. Mauri is territorial with food so he will need to be fed in his crate if he lives with other animals. Mauri is sweet and loves to snuggle but can become possessive of his person if the ground rules are not set from the start. The trainer says he has been a lot fun to train and responds well to training. The trainer loves him and refers to him as his little buddy. Mauri can only be placed with a very experienced owner. His person must be home most of the day and be willing to take Mauri on at least one hour-long walk a day, for rides in the car, and socialize him with other dogs. Because he is territorial, he CANNOT be placed in a home with children, no matter what age. Mauri's new person must be willing to continue his training and perhaps train him to compete in agility, flyball, nose work, etc. He has a high drive when playing with his toys so we are sure he would excel competitively. Mauri's person(s) must own their own home. We will make no exceptions to that. Mauri LOVES to be groomed and is the model dog when at the groomers. He LOVES to be pampered! If you are interested in meeting Mauri, please e-mail the shelter address and be sure to include your phone number so we can discuss Mauri with you. Mauri is a wonderful, fun, funny, sweet little guy. He just has not found his perfect match yet. Could that perfect match be you?

To inquire about Mauri, please contact Susan Curtis at the Duxbury Animal Shelter - (781) 934-6424. Email: susan.j.curtis@comcast.net