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"The Tiny Five"

This is what "rescue" is all about........

(with thanks to Jodi Greenleaf)


A kindly Poodle lover sent me a link to T J, an 8 year old mini boy on the URGENT list at the MACC in NY. I looked at his face and thought of the 28 from Brooklyn that we took in. They could be related. He was surrendered because of an eye injury. Stay tuned, this sweet boy got another chance at more life.

Gibbs Needs Your Help!

Gibbs is an eight pound 7 year old cream toy Poodle looking for a home where his new family is home a better part of the day. Long work days and a family member caring for an ill relative after work left Gibbs home alone and lonely.

Gibbs just came back from a Cardiac Ultrasound Seminar to which we were very lucky to be invited! Little Gibbs was the hit of the seminar but now he has some treatment to go through. We didn't see the worms or microfilaria in blood tests at the vet hospital, but the ultrasound showed he is loaded with them.  Gibbs will have to undergo heartworm treatment  expected to cost several thousand dollars!

We are looking for some financial support to go along with the much needed prayers and well wishes for this darling little guy.

If you can help Gibbs, please go to our donations page

Thank you.

Pink Princess

Pink came to us from a well known caring shelter where Pink's diagnosis of Demodectic and Sarcoptic mange had been initially treated. Because it's a long process better treated in a quiet home setting we decided to take Pink on. If all goes well Pink should be able to be adopted. Pink is around one year old, weighs 9 pounds and is a mix of some sort, Poodle or Maltese. What we do know about this little girl is that she is sweet, loving, quiet and incredibly good natured. Watch for updates on Pink's progress!

Update on Pink:

Look at how well Pink is progressing! In a few more weeks you won't recognize this little lady! It's amazing what can happen with some appropriate care and lots of TLC! Watch for more updates!

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