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"The Tiny Five"

This is what "rescue" is all about........

(with thanks to Jodi Greenleaf)


Bella, a soon to be 13 year old, 12.5 pound Maltese is here with us now that her Mom won't be coming home from the nursing home. Bella has been alone for a month or so while family looked in on her once a day. With no company and no exercise, food was the highlight of her day! Ole Roy and white dogs don't mix, so Bella has staph infections and sores and is uncomfortable, as well as being around 3 pounds overweight. Here she is after her spa treatment and veterinary skin help. She will be better in time. Even though Bella has been through a lot lately her tail does not stop wagging! She is a jewel!


Bobby is an eight year old cream standard Poodle who would love a chance to be loved once again. Although Bobby is not with PRCT, we are taking applications for him and directing them to Poodle Rescue of Maine. Please apply for Bobby.


When Hartford Animal Control Officer, Sherry DeGenova called us to help a little Poodle mix with an injury that needed surgery we said yes! With Eloise's time up and no money in the budget for repairs we knew we needed to try and help her. Eloise is not saying if she was hit by a car, kicked or dropped but with no road rash we have our own suspicions of what might have happened. X-rays show that her hip is completely out of the socket and she is in extreme pain when she moves the wrong way, Ouch! Surgery, a FHO will take place very soon, along with a spay procedure. This cute little 1-2 year old 7 pound Poodle/Schnauzer will be looking for a home in time. Talk her up and spread the word. We will keep you all posted.

Thank you to Sherry for always caring for the animals and Dr. Eric Galster at Windsor Animal Clinic for your orthopedic expertise!

Will you help with Eloise's surgery?

Eloise update!

Eloise is home and resting as comfortably as possible thanks to medication! Time and quiet is what she will need to recover from her Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) and complicated spay. We also think that her jaw has been affected by her lapping food instead of trying to chew. We won't know if she will be able to be adopted because of the trauma she's been through which reflects on her attitude,  but we are sure going to try!
Time will tell. Here's hoping!


Commander is a 4.5 pound, 8 year old silver beige toy Poodle boy that needs some arms to cuddle him or a lap to sit on. Commander is a darling little snuggle bug!
Rescue donation $350.


Meet Ensign, Commander's housemate. Ensign is an apricot toy Poodle who is 6 years old and weighs 8 pounds. Ensign is the sweetest and most funny little guy, not at all as serious as Commander! Ensign loves to be with you and if you can't see him, look behind you!
Rescue donation $350.


Euclid is a 9 year old, 7 pound black toy Poodle boy who would love a home of his own. He is a cuddle bug and is extremely sweet and gentle.
Rescue donation $300.

If you would like to apply to adopt a PRCT dog,
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